A Significant Step Forward

We have been working closely with the Welsh Government over recent months to make sure that they will apply for funding for Carno Station from the UK Government New Stations Fund. We are delighted that Ken Skates, the Welsh Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales, has written a letter to Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport, asking for funding for all four stations which have reached the third and final stage of the Assessment Scheme. The official press release from the Welsh Government is here and clearly states that Mr Skates considers all four stations – Carno, Deeside Park, St Clears, and Ely Mill – to be of equal priority.
This is a major step forward in the campaign to re-open a station and Carno Station Action group would like to thank everyone who has helped us so far. We will now have to wait to see if Mr Shapps reacts favourably to Mr Skates’ request for funding.