Chatting with the Children

Following a request from Ysgol Carno we organised a short chat with one of the classes, talking about the history – and the future – of the station campaign. The current Secretary of CSAG John Ellison, visited Miss Rowlands’ class and had a lively and enjoyable discussion while they looked at some old photographs of the station and goods shed before it was surrounded by the Laura Ashley offices. One of the questions for John was, why do we need a station in Carno. He replied by saying that when they are older and looking for employment, they would have more job options without the expense of buying a car to travel to work. Or, if they find work locally then visitors and holidaymakers could come here and help make local employers successful. John commented – “All in all I think we all had a good time and (hopefully) they all know a bit more about the station campaign.”

The class teacher, Emma Rowlands added “Following the visit the children are now keen to play their part and have asked what they can do to help. We hope to arrange a fundraising event to donate to the cause. They are very keen and thoroughly enjoyed the visit.”

The pictures below were taken by Miss Rowlands and are used by permission.