National Assembly Debates Carno Station

Members of Carno Station Action Group (CSAG) were delighted that the National Assembly held a full debate on the reopening of Carno Station. Chairman Tony Burton said “This is another step forward in our campaign, making clear that there is support from members in most parties.”


The National Assembly sat in a full plenary session on October 17th to discuss the motion to support the reopening of the station. The debate was introduced by Mick Bates AM who said “The Welsh Liberal Democrats have introduced this motion because we see the reopening of Carno Station as a win-win opportunity for promoting community regeneration and sustainability while capitalising on the existing infrastructure of the Cambrian main line.” Nick Bourne, Conservative Regional AM also supported the reopening, saying “It is important that we consider issues of relieving congestion and get people off the road and onto trains…”


During the debate much was made of the fact that the distance between Machynlleth and Caersws is the greatest between stations anywhere in Wales and that reopening Carno Station would address this issue. This debate followed positive responses from both the Petitions Committee and the Enterprise and Learning Committee during the summer.


Tony Burton added “It was a bit of a disappointment that the Minister proposed an amendment that watered down the motion but the full National Assembly has now noted the strong support for the reopening and awareness of the strength of our case has been raised.”


The Action Group is now awaiting the Minister’s response to the Enterprise and Learning Committee’s recommendations following its September hearing in Carno. Key amongst these is the request that the Minister should ask his officials to assist the group in developing a formal business case.