Station Campaign Back On Track

Carno Station Action Group were delighted to meet Regional Assembly Member Eluned Morgan last week to discuss the case for reopening a station in the village. Group Chairman, Jeremy Barnes, said “We are really pleased to have this opportunity to discuss the problems with Eluned. After taking the station reopening forward so far we were becoming concerned about the lack of progress in recent months.” Following lengthy discussions and correspondence great progress had been made with the previous Assembly Minister responsible, Edwina Hart, but after she stood down at the recent election it has taken time for the new Minister to respond to the group.

The Campaign Group discussed the background and specific issues with Ms Morgan, who agreed to go back to the Assembly to take the matter up. Local politicians of all parties have given the campaign their support.

After the meeting Mr Barnes added “ Reopening the station will provide a lifeline to residents and small businesses in Carno and, with no bus service in the evening, young people without cars are unable to get to town.”

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